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Hello, I'm Valeriya.

I create modern websites for experts and business

Taking care of your customers
Solving business problems
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My projects

Landing page for a cosmetic clinic in Melbourne
The task was to create a stylish, lightweight and customer-friendly one-page website.Design in Figma and layout on Tilda
The site was included in the selection of the best works #madeontilda

Landing page for neuropsychologist and coach Irina Voloshina
The task was to create a stylish and customer-friendly business card website.
Design in Figma and layout on Tilda
Multi-page site of dentistry "Master Dent" in Kaliningrad
The task was to make it user-friendlyand website promotion. The site is made in corporate colors with a clear structure and filled with useful medical articles.
Website for the presentation of equipment for the production of metal tiles
The task was to create a beautiful modern website with a description of all the characteristics of the equipment.
Japanese online language school landing page
The task was to create a minimalistic website with a clear structure, reflecting the availability of training
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From dentist to designer

About me

I came to web design from medicine.
Using the accumulated experience and being a practicing specialist in the sales department of a pharmaceutical company, I know how to make an effective website
and turn it into a customer acquisition tool.
To order a site
I develop websites for doctors, medical and dental centers, bloggers, individual entrepreneurs who want to stand out from competitors and automate business processes.
In my works, I apply the principles of the Golden Section, which allows me to achieve a harmonious, balanced design
and focusing the user's attention on the right places on the page.
I follow design trends, constantly learn and improve my skills. She studied at Tilda School and Geek Brains.
How will we work

Stages of work

Meet, discuss details
and the tasks that the future site will solve.
I determine the cost and timing
I study the features of your business, analyze competitors, draw up a portrait of your target audience, user path on the site
Prototype and concept
I am developing the navigation and structure of the future site. I make a prototype of key pages, draw the first screen for style approval
I develop a website design
in the Figma editor, taking into account your style wishes
Layout and adaptability
I transfer the design to Tilda, adapt it for mobile devices and add animation.
I connect the necessary services
and programs, set up basic SEO, shoot video instructions for the site
I work on 50% prepayment


A site with a complex structure
and unique design up to 7 pages.
Suitable for creating a full-fledged company website with sections for each service.
650 $
Multi-page site
with a catalog of up to 30 products. A website with a unique design, payment system and shopping cart.
14-30 days
Online store
Site with a catalog of goods
300 $
7-10 days
Website with a unique design up to 10 blocks (screens)
Suitable for a quick start, testing a niche, portfolio, product presentation, course
or services.
One page site
Landing page
A site with a complex structure
and unique design up to 7 pages.
Suitable for creating a full-fledged company website with sections for each service.
500 $
Multi-page site
14-20 days
Corporate website
1-3 days
Adding blocks to the site, editing the design, connecting payment systems, domain, mailing services
Additional services
150 $

Application for website revision

Leave your contact details and I will contact you to guide you on prices and terms.

What service do you want to receive?
The answers to your questions


What is included in the minimum cost?

  • Competitor briefing and analysis
  • Drawing up the technical assignment
  • Website structure development
  • Development of prototype and design
  • Layout of the site on Tilda mainly on Zero-blocks
  • Relevant animation
  • Adaptation for mobile devices
  • Setting up receiving applications in CRM / Telegram / mail
  • Connecting forms and payment systems
  • Domain connection, SSL certificate (secure connection)
  • Basic SEO optimization
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Installing Yandex Metrica and GoogleAnalytics counters to analyze user behavior on the site
  • Adding a site to search engines for indexing (Yandex Webmaster, Google Search Console)
  • Video instruction and training on working with the site

+ BONUS: a month on Tilda using my referral link (for new platform users)

What is NOT included in the price?

  • Domain payment 
  • Payment for the Tilda tariff 
  • Writing text for the site (but I can recommend a copywriter)
  • Buying photos in photo banks
  • Translation of site texts into foreign languages
  • Development of corporate identity, logo, fonts, processing of audio and video content, development of a calculator, widgets, etc.
  • Integration with delivery services.
  • Registration of documents / price lists, etc. to pdf files.

Why Tilda?

Tilda's constructor has many advantages:

  • Saving time (No need to write code, so a site on Tilda can be created 2-3 times faster without losing quality)

  • Saving the budget (For sites on Tilda you do not need a programmer. One person is responsible for the design, layout, connection of the necessary services and programs. The cost of sites written with code starts from 1000 $. On Tilda, a landing page will cost from 300 $)

  • Ease of site management (After launch, you can independently edit the site, change blocks, structure, content)

  • Unique design in Zero (It makes it possible to embody any visual ideas of the designer, create a high-quality and unique project)

  • Collection of applications and CRM (you can connect a free built-in CRM to the site to collect applications).

  • Without a SEO specialist (sites created on Tilda are well indexed by search engines, they already provide meta descriptions, therefore, the services of an SEO specialist are not required)

Will I be able to manage the site myself?

Sure. I shoot a video instruction and teach how to edit the site yourself. It's quick and easy. Within 1 month after the launch, you can ask questions about the site. Then I continue to advise, but on a paid basis.

What are the stages of payment for the site?

Payment of 50% is made after the interview and the preparation of the technical assignment, at the stage of transferring the necessary materials for the site.

The remaining 50% are paid after the approval of the site. Then I complete the technical settings and give you access rights.

I am in touch 24/7


I work on each of your projects the way I would like them to work on mine.
Contact me to discuss the details and start interesting work.
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